A House of multicultural influences

At the crossroads of worlds

Radiant, vibrant, expressive: for over half a century, Kenzo Takada has illuminated the fashion landscape with his borderless fashion. From Kenzo Takada’s first creations to the latest collections signed by Nigo, the House of nature and cultural diversity celebration, unveils a wardrobe where audacity sets the pace.

At the crossroads of worlds

Marguerite Yourcenar said, “A touch of madness is always needed to build a destiny.” With his diploma from Bunka Fashion College in hand and ambition as his only possession, Kenzo Takada sets off for Paris. While the beginnings are challenging, his perseverance matches the success that awaits him. The young designer sells his sketches to Féraud and Jacques Delahaye before finally being able to present his first collection in 1970, at a show at the Galerie Vivienne. With talent, Kenzo Takada asserts his style at the crossroads of cultures, becoming a new icon of ready-to-wear.

Pioneering both in his creations and in his fashion shows, Kenzo stands out with an ultra-colourful wardrobe that is incredibly joyful and luminous, at the crossroads of East and West influences. With a style recognisable at a glance, the designer skilfully handles exuberance by reinventing the kimono, mastering colour combinations, and celebrating the use of various patterns mixed together that become his signature.

Several artistic directors have taken turns at the helm of the house managing to preserve this unique DNA and illustrate its heritage. In 2021, Nigo was appointed at the House’s Artistic Direction. Known in the streetwear world for his label A Bathing Ape, the Japanese designer embraces the Kenzo spirit, reviving Kenzo Takada’s essence. Deeply rooted in real life, Kenzo collections continue to blend different culture inspirations, colour, prints, fauna and flora.

And when Arlettie gets involved, explore the collections of Kenzo at the London showroom from 29th May to 1st June. Where tradition meets innovation, the most colourful creations await you.

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