The Queen of Fashion!

I could wear beige, and no one would know who I am anymore.Elisabeth II

There is no age limit for the first time… and so it is at 91 that Queen Elisabeth II attended her first parade alongside another majesty: Anna Wintour. If the editor in chief of Vogue adopts the trends each season, our British sovereign imposes the style. So, what does that make her? The Queen of Fashion?

Diplomatic chic

Green, yellow, fuchsia, purple, and turquoise, the monarch never misses the opportunity to wear a brilliantly hued suit. This signature does not, however, find its origin in an excessive taste for arduous colours. If Elizabeth II dresses colourfully, it is to remain perfectly visible amid the crowd. Naturally, the route and landscape are considered: it would be impossible for the Queen to wear green when attending a garden party or a racetrack. In politics, as in fashion, it’s all about anticipation.

I could wear beige, and no one would know who I am anymore.Elisabeth II

It’s in the bag

If fantasy is in the spotlight for her outfits, the Queen plays the card of sobriety… and loyalty! Since 1968, all Elisabeth II’s handbags have been the London House of Launer, the official leather bag designer to the British royal family. Made to measure, this model in smooth patent leather adapts perfectly to the nature of the sovereign who delivered her requirements during the design: a slightly longer handle, without closure or compartment and a silk lining. However, the bag’s exclusivity remains with its owner and is almost impossible to buy since only the Queen has the right to wear it.

Moreover, this bag also carries hidden coded messages so the Queen can silently communicate with her guards: when she passes it from one arm to the other, she wishes to slip away, and when she puts it on the ground, her close guard understands that it is time to leave the event immediately. If only this would work in the real world…

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