Hats off!

Cover-up that head that I cannot endure seeing.

Capeline, fedora, boater, beret, cap, bob, trilby or sombrero: hats of all shapes and sizes. Hats that turn our heads.

The ultimate accessory, chosen to determine one’s mood. Extravagant or sober, mini-mini or super maxi, in straw, felt or adorned with feathers or jewels. The headgear that emphasizes faces and punctuates silhouettes, and reveals each wearer’s personality. So, who wears the hat?

Beautiful in a beret

A Parisian favourite, the beret has that little ‘Je ne sais quoi’ every English girl dreams of! The original wool version seduces with its retro and Bonnie style, while in denim or leather, it brings a rock ‘n’ roll twist. To play the contrast card, we opt for red, purple or emerald… but the beret can stun in any colour.

Bob on top

Always a winner! In vinyl, leather, check or monogram, the bob is making a sensational comeback to our closets, and on the heads of those who dare. For too long, this hat has been reserved for rainy skies.

Cast off the veil

The exquisite veil has a charm that is as timeless as it is mysterious. Irresistible on Romy Schneider in Le Vieux Fusil, surprising on Sophia Loren in Les Dessous de la millionaire. The veil reinvents itself from the baker boy to the chunky knit.

Cover-up that head that I cannot endure seeing.

The Hat Artist…

Bowler hat (With or without the leather boots)

Like the London calling, the bowler hat displays the desire to dare. However, the iconic hat is mischievously chic when paired with a white shirt for an androgynous look and a pleated mini skirt for femininity.

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