The Metallurgist of Fashion

And Paco created Rabanne

A true visionary, historically prodigious and bordering controversial: Paco Rabanne possesses all the qualifying aspects of a true genius. An iconic figure in fashion, founder of the legendary Maison and a pioneer of style, the couturier has continuously made his art shine through his sensational creations.

Francisco Rabaneda Cuervo was born in Spain in 1934, with a mother who worked as a “première main” at Balenciaga and a father in law-enforcement. It was only following suit to Cuervo’s exile to Paris that he adopted the name of Paco Rabanne. While a student at the Beaux-Arts, he succumbed to the sirens of fashion, beginning to sketch, and homed in on the creation and production of accessories for luxury Maisons, introducing himself to the world of extravagance.

It was in 1966 that Paco Rabanne established his first collection which was equally provocative as it was intriguing: “The Twelve Unwearable Dresses in Contemporary Materials”. Made from rhodoid plates, sequins, plastic and aluminum, the collection was presented at the Hotel Georges V. What would typically be perceived as a scandal became the birth of a luxury Maison like no other!

And Paco created Rabanne

Featuring neo-futurist inspirations, the couturier imagines conceptual clothes, invents a new way of dressing, and creates lasting relationships with celebrities including Françoise Hardy. The 60’s icon was seen in many of the Maison’s creations, including “the world’s most expensive dress” designed with nine kilograms of gold, three hundred carats of diamonds and finished off with four bodyguards as a security entourage.

Today, Paco Rabanne writes a story with audacious brilliance. Playing with conventions, the Maison experiments with materials and sculpts new silhouettes to offer women a new-age armor. Molded plastic, chain mail and metal plates adorn mini dresses and other extraordinary outfits. Behind every masterful collection, Paco Rabanne breathes a gentle provocation: «Our creation must be a game since fashion is useless».

Since 2013, Julien Dossena has continued to brilliantly reinterpret the heritage of this legendary Maison, remaining faithful as chainmail bags and metallic dresses are rediscovered to shine again day and night…

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