Lord Paul Smith

Passionate, playful and quirky
Classic with
a twist !

With sobriety as a heritage and pop culture as a passion, the stylist – and a British Lord no less – (re)defines the basis of the British look, by imposing a great variation of styles from more than five decades. Let’s meet the invincible Sir Paul Smith.

Still independent and proud to be so, Paul Smith is unquestionably gifted. From the age of 17 he has been leading the way to the beat of his drum. The Paul Smith style blossomed in 1970, when the designer opened his first boutique in Nottingham with a selection of men’s clothing and some of his early designs. But it was his very first Paris show in 1976 that would give him his credibility. More than a crush, Paul Smith was to become the standard bearer of the new English style. Since then, this hyperactive gentleman has diversified into collections for women and children, but also jeans, perfumes, watches and even furniture lines! A jack of all trades, ultra-creative and indisputably curious, Paul Smith never ceases to amaze us.

Classic with
a twist !

50 years of
Paul Smith style

The prince of British extravagance, the knight of kitsch, Sir Paul Smith mixes fashion and humour like no other: “Savile Row meets Mr. Bean”. Add to that a serious dose of colour, cheeky lined stripes and a hint of well-balanced dandyism. The talented Paul Smith has mastered the art of good balance like no other.

To celebrate 50 years of Creativity, Paul Smith Smith invites five talents to reinterpret his universe through new and multidisciplinary collections.

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