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From Jean Patou to Patou
A little je-ne-sais-quoi
Which looks like you,
Patou is Patou!

Jean Patou is a story of a legendary fashion brand founded in 1912. From a whimsical man who invented chic sportswear. With unchanging Parisian elegance, he knew how to impose his impertinent touch and celebrate a solar fashion.

Since the death of the designer in 1936, the French ready-to-wear fashion brand and perfumery has welcomed lots of big names to the brand. These include Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Lacroix as well as Marc Bohan and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Put to sleep in 1987, the sleeping beauty awoke in September 2018 with the breath of life from Guillaume Henry, the couture prince charming. How do you revive a one hundred year old designer label when all the records have disappeared?

Now simply called Patou the young designer, who has previously worked at Carven and Nina Ricci, has retained the brand’s heritage by maintaining its essence: its joy, embodied by a perfume from the 1930s aptly called Joy. With his first collection unveiled last September, couture is included in every detail, Guillaume Henry follows Jean Patou’s vision. With or without “Jean”, there’s little risk of Patou falling out of fashion.

A little je-ne-sais-quoi
Which looks like you,
Patou is Patou!

4 things to know about Patou
to shine in society

  • “The most expensive perfume in the world”, what do you think?
    This was the slogan of the Joy perfume, launched in 1930. A daring move in an economic context marked by the crash in 1929.
  • Jean Patou’s favourite address?
    Carette! To pay tribute to him, Guillaume Henry even imagined a strawberry cake with the Parisian institution, “Le Patou”.
  • At the start of the 20th century, he was the inventor of sportswear.
    A vision of the style first created for the tennis champion Suzanne Lenglen, where he shortens the skirts on the court before transferring its practicality into our daily wardrobe.
  • The designer’s motto?
    “I’m French and I hate extravagance” he said with eternal elegance.

Patou drives us crazy

The Fashion House launched its online sales site, explore their collections!

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