A Jewellery Temptation

Love and Jewels...

Is it because the workshops were founded in an old chocolate factory that Pomellato jewellery invites you to indulge in such delicacies?

Established in Milan in 1967, the Italian Jeweller distinguishes its light style by using stunning stone colours and transforming every piece into an everyday accessory. With half a century of daring- luxury has never competed with the imagination.

Love and Jewels...

Fashion jewellery… another jewellery style entirely

In the traditionally conservative jewellery world, the young goldsmith imagined renewable collections each season, like those of ready-to-wear. As the 1960s overturned established ideas about creativity, Pino Rabolini offered jewellery a new field of expression. He uses traditional craftsmanship, materials, and semi-precious stones to create sensual jewellery that can be worn daily without needing a special occasion. His jewellery allows women to associate and accumulate different pieces as they wish.

A daring innovation that Pomellato keeps cultivating

Playful and jubilant, Pomellato expresses his character through feminine shapes, vibrant colours, and symbols redefined with a touch of irony. The House’s iconic Nudo rings with their multi-coloured cabochons, and XXL claws interpret desire and only leave you longing for more. Moonstone, topaz, chalcedony and rose quartz are often found in unexpected combinations. More regressive but just as surprising, the Orsetto, a playful pendant in the form of a small, disjointed teddy bear, embodies both Pomellato’s tender and unconventional spirit. Do adults not also have the right to their toys?

The marriage of colour, excellence and meaning

With its responsibly inspired creations, Pomellato is committed to creating ethical jewellery. To enhance the natural stones, the designer strives to work with sustainably extracted gold and silver. This approach is paired with the most innovative upcycling in the industry. Last January, the House presented a collection developed around the “Kintsugi”. This traditional Japanese art consists of repairing a broken object by highlighting the joints with gold: a way of reviving stones destined to be forgotten, giving them a new life of preciousness.

Dreamy and thoughtful, carefree, and diligent, Pomellato values craftsmanship, has fun with style and forges links shaping the future from yesterday and today.

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