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Le Portrait

Phoebe, the Philo phenomene
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Le Mood

The first of the accessories

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What about the English style?
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Just Patou

A little je-ne-sais-quoi
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Arlettie under the spotlight

The alarm clock that rings at the end of the holidays

Roger Vivier, the shoe poet

The years go by and the heels walk the runway...
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Passionately Peekaboo

While Fendi brought us the Baguette bag in the 2000s, the Roman brand have been playing a game of "hide and seek" for over a decade. In 2008, Silvia Fendi designed an iconic bag with two pockets which open and close with a metal clasp.
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Sisley's Cocoon

The perfect place for recharging and revitalising
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11. Mugler
10. Cosy interior
09. Disco !

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